The Haus of Hoax


The Racket

A Film Noir Party Game



THE RACKET is about to begin.

Part parlor game, part immersive theater, part rat race, THE RACKET invites GUESTS into the opening scene of a quintessential Film Noir, then turns the plotting over to them. Furnished with a new profession, fistfuls of cash, and a few hot commodities, GUESTS navigate an underground party where deals are made in back rooms, black markets blossom, and everyone is competing to have the most money at the end of the night.

As the evening gets going, GUESTS can team up with or turn the tables on other party-goers, crack a safe, recover a priceless artifact, or make a killing from anyone who isn’t watching their back.

It's a performance with no actors, a game with (almost) no rules, a Film Noir fever dream that blurs the line between play and player, hero and villain.

“As the evening progressed I could feel the psychological genius simmering, then boiling”


How to Play

Assume Your Identity

Step through the door and into a new career at a party full of upstanding citizens and underhanded crooks. Will you be the Doctor? The Diplomat? The Thief? Anything and anyone is possible.

Wheel & Deal

With cash in hand, join the rat race to be the Guest with the most money at the end of the party—then lie, cheat and steal your way to the front of the pack. Everything is up for sale, and the name of the game is figuring out who has what, who wants what, and how much it’s worth to them.

Stay on Your Toes

But be careful. With so much money on the line, asking someone to watch your back might just give them a chance to stick something in it. Players who get clipped will cool their heels at The Morgue for a few minutes and forfeit some cash before getting right back in on the action.

Make a Killing

At the end of the party, you’ll turn out your pockets, count your cash, and report your bankroll to the Host. After the winner gets what’s coming to them, take some time to talk shop and trade stories about your own undercover operation with the other guests.

The Dressing Room

The dress code at The Racket is black and to kill. Take a peek inside for some inspiration on how to make your own look a knock-out success.

The Screening Room

A few of our favorite flicks will give you and your guests an idea of what type of trouble you’re getting into.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the dress code?

    The suggested dress is black and to kill. We encourage our guests to consult our Dressing Room for inspiration. Please note that The Racket is played on your feet, and comfortable shoes are encouraged.

    However, dressing the part is not necessary for the enjoyment of the game, and we frequently host events for groups during wearing casual attire.

    Clients may also rent our Costume Trunk, which includes over 100 hand-picked accessories.

  • Do we have to act?

    No. The Racket is a game of strategy and social deduction, not improvisation. Instead of a new character to play, guests get a new profession with skills they can use to their advantage.

  • How old do you need to be to enjoy playing?

    The Racket was designed for adults. However, groups aged 12 and above can participate and enjoy the experience fully, and children as young as 9 can enjoy playing with some assistance.

    Special accommodations are made for parents with young children to ensure that they can fully enjoy the event.

  • Can you accommodate players with disabilities?

    In most cases, yes. We have many ways to support players with variety of physical or perceptual challenges. If you or a member of your team requires special assistance, please contact us directly in advance and check in with one of our Hosts upon arrival.

  • If someone arrives late or leaves early, can they still play?

    Our Hosts are happy to assist anyone arriving late, and leaving early doesn’t disrupt the game for other guests. Guests who arrive late are significantly less likely to win.

    If you are booking an event, and a significant number of players need to arrive late, we might suggest delaying the start time.

  • Do players who do not know people at the party enjoy the experience?

    Yes. The Racket was designed as a way for people to meet or get to know one another better, and groups of strangers and +1s consistently report enjoying the game and forging meaningful connections through playing.