Common Questions

When and Where

  • How long is the experience?

    The game itself is 75 minutes long. However, the entire experience lasts just under 2.5 hours and includes the following phases:

    1. Reception (30 minutes): Guests arrive and check in with our Host(s) to receive their materials, read the rules, and get comfortable.

    2. Introduction (10 minutes): The Hosts gather the group to review the rules, administer a few choice pieces of advice, and start a timer for 75 minutes.

    3. Game (75 minutes): Players exchange assets, trade secrets, and leverage newfound expertise as they complete a variety of ambitious capers.

    4. Aftermath (20 minutes): When the game ends, players count their money and report their totals to the Host, who tallies the results and announces the winners.

    We also require at least 30 minutes of set-up time and 30 minutes of clean-up time. Any space should be reserved for at least 3.5 hours or 3 if our staff are given early access.

  • What time can the event take place?

    We can host at any time of the day, any day of the week. Most of our events take place in the evening or afternoon.

  • Where are you located?

    We are headquartered in Oakland and travels around the Bay Area and beyond.

    The Racket does not have a venue of its own. Instead, we travel directly to our client’s office, home, or a private venue of their choice.

    If you are looking for a venue, we recommend using The Vendry or Tagvenue to find bars and restaurants or Peerspace to find homes, offices, and other event spaces. We also maintain a long list of preferred venues and can furnish recommendations for spaces that accommodate various group sizes and budgets.

  • What type of venue do I need?

    The Racket can be played in homes, offices, private rooms in bars and restaurants, conference centers, or any other private location. We have only four firm requirements:

    Cocktail Party Capacity: Look for a venue with at least enough room to comfortably host a cocktail party. The space should allow people enough room to move easily and have private conversations.

    Room to Gather: Guests at The Racket assemble to hear the introduction and the announcement of the winner. The venue must have a space in which the entire group can gather at once.

    Private Space: Because we use our own soundtrack and give speeches that are disruptive to onlookers, we can't play in semi-private spaces.

    3.5+ Hour Reservation: The Racket is a 2.5 hour experience. We also require at least 30 minutes of set-up time and 30 minutes of clean-up time. Any space should be reserved for at least 3.5 hours or 3 if our staff are given early access.

  • How far in advance do I have to book?

    We need only 24 hours of advance notice and can fast-track an event to meet a close deadline. We take reservations up to 6 months in advance.

Who Can Play

  • How many people can play?

    We can host events for anywhere between 15 and 250 people.

  • What if I don't know my exact headcount?

    No problem. You can always add players to an event. We'll book you for the minimum number of people that you're confident are attending, and you can keep us updated as your headcount increases.

  • If someone arrives late or leaves early, can they still play?

    Our Hosts are happy to assist anyone arriving late, and leaving early doesn’t disrupt the game for other guests. Guests who arrive late are significantly less likely to win.

    If you are booking an event, and a significant number of players need to arrive late, we might suggest delaying the start time.

  • Do players who do not know people at the party enjoy the experience?

    Yes. The Racket was designed as a way for people to meet or get to know one another better, and groups of strangers and +1s consistently report enjoying the game and forging meaningful connections through playing.

  • Do roles in The Racket reflect age, gender, or other identifying characteristics?

    No. Players in The Racket receive a new profession that is not attached to aspects of personal identity.

  • How old do you need to be to enjoy playing?

    The Racket was designed for adults. However, groups aged 12 and above can participate and enjoy the experience fully, and children as young as 9 can enjoy playing with some assistance.

    Special accommodations are made for parents with young children to ensure that they can fully enjoy the event.

  • Can you accommodate players with disabilities?

    In most cases, yes. We have many ways to support players with variety of physical or perceptual challenges. If you or a member of your team requires special assistance, please contact us directly in advance and check in with one of our Hosts upon arrival.

What's Included

  • Is food or beverage service included?

    No. However, we are happy to provide recommendations for venues or catering if you are hosting your event in the Bay Area.

  • Are there prizes?

    We do not provide prizes for our winners. However, our Hosts are happy to award prizes chosen by our clients, and we can provide a list of suggestions based on your group and budget.

  • Do you have different themes or storylines to pick from?

    No, we cannot modify the content of our experience.

  • What will happen if people don’t pay attention or stay engaged?

    The Racket boasts a significantly higher level of player engagement than many similar experiences. The game has also been designed to be flexible enough that players can slow down enough to grab a drink and catch up with a friend for a few minutes without detracting from their own experience or other players.

How to Play

  • Do we have to act?

    No. The Racket is a game of strategy and social deduction, not improvisation. Instead of a new character to play, guests get a new profession with skills they can use to their advantage.

  • What is the dress code?

    The suggested dress is black and to kill. We encourage our guests to consult our Dressing Room for inspiration. Please note that The Racket is played on your feet, and comfortable shoes are encouraged.

    However, dressing the part is not necessary for the enjoyment of the game, and we frequently host events for groups during wearing casual attire.

    Clients may also rent our Costume Trunk, which includes over 100 hand-picked accessories.

  • Can you play more than once?

    Yes. Guests who have played before might have the advantage of experience but won’t know anything that ruins the game for themselves or other players.

Request a Quote

Drop us a line with as much information as you have or call us at 415-269-0078. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. General inquiries can be sent to

Please note that our minimum group size is 15 players.