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The Racket

A Film Noir Party Game

A Neo-Noir Soiree,
Starring You

Experience the thrill of a classic crime film brought to life. At this event, every guest gets a new profession and 75 minutes to get rich or die trying.

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THE RACKET is about to begin.

Part parlor game, part immersive theater, part rat race, THE RACKET invites GUESTS into the opening scene of a quintessential Film Noir, then turns the plotting over to them. Furnished with a new profession, fistfuls of cash, and a few hot commodities, GUESTS navigate an underground party where deals are made in back rooms, black markets blossom, and everyone is competing to have the most money at the end of the night.

As the evening gets going, GUESTS can team up with or turn the tables on other party-goers, crack a safe, recover a priceless artifact, or make a killing from anyone who isn’t watching their back.

It's a performance with no actors, a game with (almost) no rules, a Film Noir fever dream that blurs the line between play and player, hero and villain.

“As the evening progressed I could feel the psychological genius simmering, then boiling”


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Please note that our minimum group size is 15 players.